Product overview

The group has set up large-scale supporting processing bases in Shenzhen, Fujian and Yunfu, with workshops for sawing, glue mending, grinding and polishing, medium board, plate grinding, bridge cutting, special-shaped processing, process grinding, etc., realizing all-round supporting for production and processing of high-end stone products. At present, the group has an annual output of 20,0000 m3 of blocks, 600,000 m2 of tiles, 10,000 m2 of arc plates and 100,000 meters of various stone lines. The strong production scale and processing capacity provide a strong supply guarantee for the stone demand of engineering projects, which makes the group rapidly develop into a first-line brand of large domestic stone processing enterprises.

If a worker wants to do good things, he must first sharpen his tools. The group carries forward the enterprise spirit of "special innovation, ingenuity and quality", and invests a lot of money in product research and development and technology upgrading every year, introducing more than 100 sets of world-class professional stone equipment, such as slabs glue mending line and drying line, slab scanner, the latest five axis Bridge cutting machine, processing center machine, a variety of special-shaped processing equipment and water jets, marble automatic grinding table, full A series of advanced mechanical equipment, such as automatic bridge cutting machine, export-oriented thin tiles production line, to ensure the processing accuracy and engineering quality of products, to make every effort to promote the sustainability of our company in brand building, and constantly improving customers’ satisfaction.


Technical parameter