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Founded in 2000, Shenzhen Jiachuang Video Technology Co., Ltd. is focused on the R & D and integration services of digital TV system. It is a leading provider of digital TV overall solution in China and one of the first high-tech enterprises in China to participate in the digital TV industry. In 2002, it first started in Zhengzhou The construction of two capital cities in Shenyang has deployed a large-scale digital TV system.

Jiachuang video insists on continuous independent R & D and innovation. The company has a complete large-scale digital TV system software and hardware solutions and product lines. Vod/ interactive TV, middleware, data broadcasting, EPG, NVOD, SMS and other software products are in the leading position in the industry. The company has a number of digital TV technology patents and high-quality system integration capabilities, which makes the company design solutions for customers The implementation of personalized, customized development, and sustainable technology upgrading have significant advantages.

As of 2014, Jiachuang video has provided advanced digital TV system and solutions for more than ten provincial-level radio and television operators such as Henan network, Jilin provincial network, Hubei Province network, Guizhou Province network, Gansu Province network, Heilongjiang provincial network, Ningxia district network, Guangdong provincial network and Guangxi district network, as well as hundreds of domestic local and municipal level broadcasting and television operators, The company has more than 80million users of digital TV software technology.

In 2007, Jiachuang video has achieved an international breakthrough, provided digital TV overall solutions to overseas market customers, customized business for specific countries and regions, and provided "turnkey" projects to overseas operators. It has now provided Turkey, Vietnam, Latvia, Bengal, Nepal Operators in more than 40 countries such as Thailand have provided the overall solution and products of digital TV. Jiachuang video has become a brand with high popularity in overseas market.

Honesty, rigor, efficiency, innovation! As the leader of core technology in the digital TV industry, Jiachuang video will follow the national three network integration policy, continue to develop three network integration and digital TV related technologies, continuously meet the needs of customers' business development, and work together to promote the continuous progress of digital TV industry.


Company Culture

  • core value

    People-oriented, honesty and dedication, win the trust of customers, pursue excellence

  • Corporate purposes

    Honesty, Rigorous, Efficient , Innovative

  • Corporate creed

    Sincere cooperation, common development, sincere and trustworthy, dedicated service, reputation first

  • 企业目标

    Enterprise's goal

    Create a first-class content, technology and service provider in the video industry

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