About AVIT

AVIT Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AVIT") was founded in 2000 and listed on the gem in September, 2011. Jiachuang video focuses on the technology research and development in the field of digital TV / three network integration, and is one of the first high-tech enterprises in China to be engaged in the digital TV industry. In 2002, Jiachuang video has taken the lead in the construction and deployment of a large-scale digital TV system in Zhengzhou

  • AVIT Ltd. was established in 2000
  • Listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in September 2011
  • Serving 4 major operators
  • The company's business services cover more than 100 million users


Through AVIT AI virtual ecological engine technology, the real scene and virtual modeling scenes are intelligently integrated to achieve a combination of real scenes + real people, real scenes + virtual characters, CG scenes + real people, CG scenes + virtual characters, real scenes + CG + virt...

Cloud enterprise broadcasting

Cloud Live is a device-cloud integrated live broadcast product launched by Jiachuang Video which focuses on government and enterprise live broadcast scenarios. It meets the core needs of high-frequency use by government and enterprise users such as internal training and external publicity.

Cloud desktop

Cloud desktop is a new type of cloud computing application, which is usually used to replace traditional PCs in enterprise users. Its principle is to centralize all operations of traditional PC desktops on the server side through virtualization technology, and pass the calculation results through...

Cloud communication

AVIT’s IP live broadcast system solution conforms to the technical trend of all-IP in the broadcasting industry. After the traditional head-end is IP-based for program source transmission, it has realized the last step of IP at the user end, making the traditional broadcasting service of broadc...