IP live broadcast system solution

Product overview

Program overview

Jiachuang’s IP live broadcast system solution conforms to the technical trend of all-IP in the broadcasting industry. After the traditional head-end is IP-based for program source transmission, it has realized the last step of IP at the user end, making the traditional broadcasting service of broadcasting and TV truly realized. Fully IP.

This solution supports a variety of IP live broadcast protocols and output methods, and customers can choose their own solution configuration according to their own network environment. Unicast supports HTTP, RTSP, HLS and other protocols, which can reduce the delay effect of programs and enable users to achieve a better viewing experience; multicast supports FEC forward error correction technology to ensure network QOS, and supports carrier-grade FCC fast The ability to cut channels ensures that the time for users to cut channels is < 1 second, which reduces the bandwidth occupation of the customer's backbone network while ensuring user experience.

The back-end system of the IP live broadcast platform adopts the mainstream Spring Boot new development framework, adopts micro-service design and development, and also has the characteristics of the Internet business platform, which is more conducive to cross-network and cross-platform business promotion for customers.

Program features

The IP live broadcast platform developed based on mainstream open source technologies such as spring boot, mybatis, mysql, redis, vue, etc., each component is relatively mature and widely used, which reduces system risks;

All modules of the system support cluster deployment, there will be no single point of failure, and the system has high availability;

The system supports multi-level caching, which improves the interface performance as much as possible, so that the business has better fluency;

Refined authority management model, the management interface supports button-level authority control; at the same time, it can support data authority control according to the operating area;

Dual area system, separation of operation area and networking area, making the system application scenarios more extensive;

Support unicast and multicast output, support multiple output protocols, including HTTP, RTSP, HLS, etc.;

Support carrier-grade FEC network redundancy mechanism and FCC fast switching mechanism;

Low latency and high concurrency, the final delay of the push stream can be controlled within 80ms, the end-to-end delay is less than 500ms, and the unicast concurrency capacity of a single physical device is up to 8Gbps output;


Solution architecture


The IP live broadcast platform, based on the broadcast and television IP network and IP set-top box, realizes the unicast + multicast IP TV service, which can provide support for the channel live broadcast, time shift, and watch back under the IP network environment.

The platform is mainly composed of two parts: a background management system and an application program service interface system. The background management system provides configuration management of permissions, regions, channels, program lists, products, columns and other services, as well as integration with external systems (including OS, FCC Server, etc.); the application service interface system provides interface services for terminal apk and provides channels for channels Services such as live broadcast, time shift, and look back provide data support.

Technical parameter