5G Ultra HD Business Solutions


AVIT provides end-to-end planning, design and integrated implementation of radio and television video 5G networks based on years of radio and television experience, including (VR content providers, construction of ultra-high-definition video content network architecture, upgrading and transformation of radio and television access networks, combined with 5G Fast applications in the video industry, such as thermal measurement, video surveillance, smart agriculture, 4K ultra-high-definition video applications, etc.)

Meet the following business scenarios:

1、Coverage of VR/4K ultra-high-definition and other content to the mobile network;

2、Cable TV operators build mobile infrastructure;

3、Cable TV network operators lease post-transmission capacity from mobile operators;

4、Develop all-IP broadcast television to "wireless" evolution;

5、Comprehensive upgrade of the terrestrial wireless network;

6、Fixed wireless access;

7、Full business.


5G business development advantages:

The high speed and low latency of 5G network will promote the innovation and exploration of radio and television at the level of technology and products. High rate means that the 5G network can reach a transmission speed of 125GB per second, which is 1-100 times faster than 4G. This feature just meets the transmission speed requirements of AR and VR devices; low latency means that the 5G network greatly reduces On the basis of the possibility of delay and stuttering, the quality of media content will be greatly improved. It can be said that the 5G network releases the all-round imagination of the application of smart technology to content products and model innovation.

5G provides radio and television media with an excellent opportunity to update the form of video products and enhance the viewer's visual experience. Realize future radio and television 4K/8K, AR/VR and other high-quality videos to give users an immersive visual experience.