IP video digital front-end solution



Solution advantage:

1、In the all-IP/VR overall solution, Jiachuang Video Communication integrates Synamedia's products in the front-end system based on the deep understanding of the national radio and television network status and business development to achieve the optimization of platform video programs and the optimization of the multicast design of the video network.

2、Serving the national radio and television for many years, with VR, ultra-high-definition, all-IP and other solutions and capability platforms, it can tailor turnkey projects to meet customer business needs and relieve all worries.

3、Jiachuang Video has many years of technical accumulation and knowledge base for broadcasting digital front-end business, providing a full range of services and cooperation mode of operation and maintenance, butler service.


Front-end subsystem:

Source reception in the central computer room: RF switching, power splitter, satellite receiver, switch

Disaster recovery from remote sources: power dividers, satellite receivers, transcoders, multiplexers, switches

Information source processing in the central computer room: software and hardware encoding transcoder, cloud transcoding, switch, scrambling multiplexer, EPG

Signal distribution in the central computer room: switch, IPV4/V6 gatekeeper

Central computer room isolated distribution: multiplexer gatekeeper

Sub-front-end system: switch, scrambling multiplexer, IPQAM, radio frequency switching