Advanced operation and maintenance solutions

1.1 AVIT operation and maintenance technical support and service goals

AVIT company adheres to the business philosophy of "Serving users is the only reason for Jiachuang’s existence, and user needs are the driving force for Jiachuang’s development", pursues a corporate culture of customer first and integrity, stays close to users, and continues to pursue maximum user satisfaction. To achieve a long-term win-win situation with users. "Good quality, good service" has become one of Jiachuang's core competitiveness.

l Provide users with a full range of fast service and support;

l Guarantee the operating quality of the user network and improve the overall efficiency of the user network;

l Help users quickly solve network problems;

l Help users establish network competitive advantages, optimize network performance, and increase user business income;

l Assist users to train outstanding maintenance personnel.

"Superb technology, high-quality engineering, timely response, and thoughtful service", through unremitting efforts and pursuit of excellent service, we help our users to continuously improve network operation quality, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and win the satisfaction of end users.


1.2 AVIT Advanced Operation and Maintenance Service Classification

AVIT is a senior radio and television operation and maintenance service provider. Based on more than 20 years of radio and television digital TV front-end system operation and maintenance experience, it has formulated the following service items:

AVIT Advanced Operation and Maintenance Service

Serial number

service items

Service description


Resident operation and maintenance services

7*24 coverage, real-time response

Equipment inspection, emergency repair, equipment hardware replacement, on-site spare parts management, on-site testing, simple equipment fault handling and recovery, network monitoring, simple upgrade, holiday guarantee, equipment upgrade and patch operation, operation monitoring, report output, data configuration, etc.


Remote technical support service

7*24 coverage

Network monitoring, festival watch, test plan formulation, equipment upgrade and patch operation, data management, resource management, performance management, fault management, security management, upgrade plan formulation, network organization and scheduling, trunk management and maintenance, etc.


Fault handling service

7*24 coverage, real-time response

Handling and positioning of difficult faults, equipment repairs, etc.


System software update service

System software update, major network upgrade and transformation, etc.


System inspection service

System inspection, analysis, report output, etc.


Safe broadcast guarantee service

Covered 24 hours a day

System inspection, safe broadcast guarantee, etc.